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This website is dedicated to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and the people who work in their healing ministries and have taken the important steps that have led us to where we are today -- a compassionate and caring organization with some of the most highly engaged employees in the world.

Thanks to their guidance, we continue the journey... the journey that has led our healing ministry to branch out beyond our humble beginnings in Eureka, California -- the same journey that lead a tenacious group of women (Sisters of St. Joseph) to cross an ocean from Le Puy, France.

Aug 18, 2008
Sr. Katherine Gray, CSJ responds on behalf of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange in appreciation of the comments and stories shared within this website.

Sr. Kit's Letter

To the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange from the people of St. Joseph Health System:

You have taught us countless lessons over the past century.  You have taught us the importance of inclusion of others, and that the true meaning of loving God and oneself is found by loving and serving our dear neighbors.  But the most important lesson we’ve learned from you is the importance to never give up.  Having arrived in Eureka, California with nothing more than a pocket full of change and your faith, you have forged a ministry of more than 24,000 employees, 14 hospitals, hospice programs, home health programs and countless community benefit programs. 

We are grateful to the gift you have given us, the gift of St. Joseph Health System.


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